Arrival of the Dark Masters

by Deceive

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Arrival of the Dark Masters is the first full on studio recording by Los Angeles Black/Death metal band, Deceive. The Lyrics and concepts are part of a loose storyline, spanning Deceive's music.


released December 19, 2014

All Vocals and Lyrics - Adam Watson*
All Guitars/Bass - Juan Carlos De Alba**
All Drums/Percussion - Josh Null

*Guest scream by Chris Garcia of Apoplexy on Relentless Conquest
**Arrival of the Dark Masters(song) was written by Nick Ramos during his time in Deceive.

Cover Art by Matt Hopkins of Vile Miscreations artwork

Recorded over the summer of 2014, at The Morgue Music Studio in Inglewood, CA. Produced by Chris Garcia.

HUGE THANKS to all our families and friends for being so supportive of us!



all rights reserved


Deceive Covina, California

Deceive was founded in 2011 in Pomona CA.
After establishing themselves in the southwestern US and playing all over the damn place, Deceive underwent many line-up changes, and eventually relocated to Covina CA with a new line-up and an evolution into Death/Black metal from their original Death/thrash/doom style. ... more

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Track Name: Arrival of the Dark Masters
Twisting their faith giving, them the light, knowing only blackness awaits them in death
Filling innocent minds with the stench of their lies, unknowingly summoning the dark masters
Calling forth a pit of unending abyss

Torment brought to all like lambs to the slaughter
Arrival of the dark masters

Reign of vindication, payment for impiety, sickening savage monarchy, wicked kings of the other, brought forth by the lie of a god.
false faith conquers all the lands, taking its grasp on the weak minded souls.

lord of the depths, monarch of the shadow, bringer of the end,
Watch as they die

Blackened souls, holding the throne, reaping the flesh, all in the name of a god

Save us, cure us
Feed us, protect us
Track Name: Relentless Conquest
Conquest, relentless
Honor, vengeance

Piety, lust
Godless scum

My life will end sword in hand
Drain the blood of usurper swine
My throne gone
My house dead

I will never

My line ends here, old and scarred
Forgotten now to songs and lore
Tales of our ancient wars
A past now left in time

They search now, for me
My fate, left to me

Life must end

My eyes open
A kind of sight I've never seen
My mind opens
Thoughts pour in after life

In a thousand ages
Take back
What was lost
To my seat of power
My life's purpose

an ancient quest
My Rightful throne
Never an option
My need for power
Track Name: Endless Aeons of Desolation
Endless Aeons of desolation
Planes driven by lack of cultivation
Dismal abyss of a bright dead nothing
A plagued hollow place of suffering
Cries to your god go unheard, nothing will bring you desired means,

you will die in agony.

A clear, cold promise of hope, taken away by those far gone
A hate grown from decades of anguish,

you must end the lives of those who suffer

A quick end to a long worthless life
All who sought a promising future must die in agony by your hand

A dry, desolate, wasted existence, devoid of any purpose or meaning,
Realization has come that it is now
The time to realize your life's journey

Spill the blood of the suffering to complete the circle of the end

the only duty now is to spill your blood unto the nether
Track Name: Tainted Lineage
Forever, torture, headless bodies fall
Flourish, die, death my only god
Conflict, war, I exist no longer
Seek, death, bring me to the end

Miasmal realm
Putrid end

The life I've lived has come to this
My soul on fire with vengeance
To rise and vanquish our foes

Our sons die but not for nothing
Our blood runs strong and ancient
Sanguinary rites to be held

My life, my sword, to you my master
My soul I swear to you even after
My life is taken in your service

A death, I'll give to foes my master
An end to any and all usurpers
Blood I shed for you my master

Our line must survive coming conflict
Blood succession must be honored
Death for you is not an option

Tainted line
Wicked lords

brought me here,
to die,
Regret, takes hold, mistaken, I realize what I've become